The Doorway Experience

This Introduction Tour gives a taste of what The Doorway is like. A series of multimedia resources will guide you through an overview for awakening. This introductory experience highlights some main principles and processes such as belief, disillusionment, sight, learning, mighty companions, trust, and function.

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Relationships are a source of our greatest joy and our deepest sorrow. A Course in Miracles is a path of Awakening through the right use of relationships. Once our relationships are given over to be used for this higher purpose support is needed. This course is designed to provide that support.

Wouldn’t it be great to really know that there is a benevolent power that knows your best interests at all times and in all situations? And that this power is guiding you every moment? If you are new to A Course in Miracles or have been on this path a while and do not feel a deep relationship with this inner Guide then this course will help you get in touch with that awareness.

Living a fearful life, to whatever extent, is no longer acceptable. It’s time for healing and time to move on to what the Spirit wills for you. Happiness! A Course in Miracles says that miracles occur naturally but purification is necessary first. This course will support you in this purification process. It will help you to look squarely at what has held you back and release it so you can come into the beautiful recognition that you are the Light. No more excuses, let’s look at it with the Spirit of Love and choose again.

If we truly trusted in the Holy Spirit fear would be impossible! Can you imagine! The development of trust is like putting your full faith in a power that will care for you and support you in every way possible! This is the most potent of all the decisions you can make! Trust! It is power itself!