The Doorway

You have knocked, the door is open.

This Introductory Tour gives you a taste of what these amazing Awakening courses have to offer. Deeply inspired multimedia resources will guide you through an overview for Awakening.

As you know, teaches that, in order to remember who you are in Truth, you must question every value that you hold. This may seem like a daunting task, but once the desire to see through the lens of Truth comes into awareness, Help is given! If the world is backwards and upside down, as taught in ACIM, then it must involve a complete re-translation of everything that is believed and perceived. Your commitment is essential as your desire for a better way beckons you to go ever deeper.


Like a ship being righted after years of being submerged, it can seem disorienting and completely absurd to question the status quo of our reality. Yet, we feel the pull to do so as a part of the mind senses something is not quite right. We do everything possible to relieve this feeling and yet nothing seems to work. The mind longs to be aligned.

"Uncompromising" means
 to go for the Truth with all our heart, mind, and soul in every situation, without exception. As we do this, we experience a certainty that we could not feel when trying to discover our place in the world. Certainty and Joy come only from knowing we are not of this world. It's very good news!

The Belief

The belief that you are a person in this world is very deep. It cannot be skipped over or denied—it must be looked at, questioned, and released in order to experience true happiness and peace. It is only through your willingness that you will come to see that the world of form and fragmented parts was made as a cloaking device to keep you unaware of your Divine Reality. As you question these long held beliefs and assumptions, your True Identity will be returned to your awareness.

The importance of this is clearly stated in ACIM:

Do you not want to know your own Identity? Would you not happily exchange your doubts for certainty? Would you not willingly be free of misery, and learn again of joy? T-20.VIII.2

Deny your own Identity, and you will not escape the madness which induced this weird, unnatural and ghostly thought that mocks creation and that laughs at God. W-191.3

Yet what is it except a game you play in which Identity can be denied? You are as God created you. All else but this one thing is folly to believe. In this one thought is everyone set free. W-191.4

There is a heartfelt call to end the belief in separation from our Source. It's time to accept the answer that has been given and turn towards the Truth.

In the movie, The Nines, we will see an almost perfect metaphysical analogy for the condition of the deceived mind, or ego, in this "world."

Watch the video setup by David Hoffmeister, followed by the movie clip.

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The Nines - Metaphysics
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