Your Function, Classroom and Style

What is my function?

Your function is forgiveness, which in simple terms is remembering who you truly are! At first it seems to take a bit of searching, looking, and trying, but be assured it does reveal Itself to the sincere mind.

Happy Feet - Children's Song
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Although it seems like a relief to be good at something in the world, it is just a stepping stone to becoming good at Forgiveness, the mind's one function.

What is the classroom?

Forgiveness is a required course, although the individual pathways are many. The classroom you have selected looks something like this.

The Razor's Edge - Teacher
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What does it look like to be in my function?

Within these courses, your function will be nurtured and supported no matter how it looks in form. The form does not matter. This movie clip highlights the joy you will feel despite attempts—any attempts—the world seems to make to put it in a box. Be Spontaneous!

Happy Feet - Expressing
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