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Holy Relationship

Rethinking Sickness

In this course, we are going to go into the beliefs and concepts around sickness. We will delve deeply into dis-ease in all its various forms such as depression, fear of the unknown, stress and anxiety, or issues with the body such as eating disorders, skin disorders, or chronic illnesses. This program provides a powerful platform for an excavation into tightly held beliefs about sickness. 

The goal of this course is to come to a clear understanding of the assumptions and associations held in the mind and begin to retranslate our beliefs around this subject of sickness. This process can serve in ways that can open your mind, and bring more happiness into your life! It is as Jesus states in ACIM: "All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego's judgment." —T-4.V.1

David Hoffmeister shares about Dealing with Sickness

Some of the topics covered
in this course are:
• Who am I without my dis-ease
• Sickness and Awakening
• Being practical with pain

• The food and diet quagmire
• Bringing the darkness to light
• If God’s will for me is perfect happiness, why am I suffering so much?

This course is designed to support you as you open up to Rethinking Sickness. Through movie clips, films, deep teachings, inspirational music and insightful assignments you will experience the benefits of Rethinking Sickness. We will also look at the typical ego resistances and temptations that attempt to sabotage it. 

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